The certification of our operating rooms
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The certification of our operating rooms

The operating room is the heart of a surgical center, regardless of the type of surgery that is performed. This is where science and technology are fully deployed. This is also where the standards should be the strictest.

Brussels Eye Doctors has two operating rooms: one room for laser surgery and a second room devoted to intraocular surgery.

For both of those rooms, in addition to ISO 9001 certification, Brussels Eye Doctors also has the "Surgery room Recognition Certificate".

Note that Brussels Eye Doctors is the only non-hospital surgery center in Brussels to dispose of this certification.

What is the "Surgery room Recognition Certificate"?

The "Surgery room Recognition Certificate" ensures compliance of Extramural operating rooms to standards set by an awarding body, the "Working Group Extramural Ophthalmology" which was erected under the auspices of the BSCRS (Belgian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons), BBO-UPBMO (Belgian Professional Union of Medical Specialists in Ophthalmology and Ocular Surgery) and SOOS Union (Ophthalmology).

The checking of the compliance of the operating room is entrusted by the Working Group to an independent regulatory body which specializes in this type of audit: ISS Hygiene and Expertise.

This organization does not only check the material aspects. In fact, the audit focuses on the architecture, equipment, sterility, staff and responsibilities. It is therefore both operating rooms and their processes and organization that are certified.

Operating room for laser surgery
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What does this certification bring to the Brussels Eye Doctors patients?

By certifying the compliance of the operating rooms of Brussels Eye Doctors to the highest standards, the "Surgery room Recognition Certificate" offers to the patients of the clinic an additional safety and reliability guarantee.

Our operatings rooms
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