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Our values

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  • Welcoming, listening to and supporting the patient
  • An eye problem, especially when it is a disease, often creates a feeling of fragility. So, welcoming, listening to and supporting our patients are our main concern.

    Although ophthalmology and eye surgery have experienced, and are still experiencing, spectacular develop-ments, we do not forget that a medical treatment or surgical operation is an ordeal.

    Greeting you in your language, clearly informing you, understanding your problem, listening to you as part of a personal relationship, and lastly, supporting you before, during and after a treatment or an operation is our motto.

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  • The competence and professionalism of our staff
  • Our staff has about 20 employees, 8 of whom are ophthalmologists and eye surgeons. Although they have different jobs in Brussels Eye Doctors, they have three essential qualities in common in our sector of activi-ty: experience, competence and professionalism.

    We provide our staff with a stimulating and rewarding environment, in which they are asked to take initiatives and develop their sense of responsibility. In a word - to reach their full potential both personally and profes-sionally.

    Because we believe that this policy constitutes a guarantee for patients.

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  • The very latest technology and equipment
  • The remarkable advances experienced in ophthalmology and eye surgery are mainly due to technology and its progress.

    Brussels Eye Doctors intends to play a pioneer role in this field by always offering its patients the latest technologies for each type of eye problem.

    At Brussels Eye Doctors, we do not choose a treatment depending on the appliances we have available, but we purchase the appliances necessary for treating our patients. This policy, bold from a financial point of view, is made possible due to the clinic’s many patients.

    This policy has also just recently been used since the clinic has just totally renewed its laser platform by re-placing the Excimer Wavelight Allegretto Eye-Q 400 Laser with the Laser Excimer Amaris Schwind 750S La-ser. This Excimer laser is currently the most advanced in the world as it provides the highest precision and the highest reliability in the field of refractive surgery.

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  • Strict standards and a certified methodology
  • In a profession where things are calculated not in millimetres but in tenths and in hundredths of millimetres, there is no place for “more or less”. So precision and method are not just desirable but are prerequisites.

    This is why Brussels Eye Doctors sets itself standards and methods which are among the most demanding in the medical sector.

    Not content with a self-approval, Brussels Eye Doctors applied for ISO certification with the Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). In July 2006, we obtained ISO 9001: 2000 certification. In June 2009, we obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification.